Using digital to inspire bolder
marketing leadership.


The Marketing Society is the leading global marketing network and aims to inspire bolder leadership amongst the world’s marketing community. MBA’s role is mainly in enhancing the digital experience to reflect the Society’s unique offline experience - sharing best practise, community building and delivering great content. The launch of the new members only online clubhouse has not only seen increases in visits but also a much deeper engagement with the rich content housed in the clubhouse.

Bringing content to life in a digital clubhouse

The concept of the website is a digital clubhouse, offering access to loads of great content that helps members find inspiration. Making this content accessible on all devices was crucial, so we opted for an adaptive design with dedicated templates that load quickly on mobile browsers.

A mobile experience to make the most of live

Access to the live events is one of the many things that makes being a Member of The Marketing Society special. We’ve designed a mobile experience to enhance member’s experience of the events at both a practical and participatory level.

Expanding the clubhouse to eCRM

eCRM communications are based around templates extending the clubhouse concept. Emails are designed to point users to new content within The Marketing Society website, and personalised to draw their attention to items that are relevant to their interests.

Taking the Marketing Society #Beyond...

The Marketing Society Annual Conference and Dinner is about inspiration, new thinking, and sharing the very best practice - equipping Members with the latest skills and insight to help them prepare for the future. 


MBA were tasked with bringing to life the 2015 theme - ‘#Beyond' - to drive ticket sales.


The ECRM campaign, fulfilled via a bespoke microsite, is built around the space/time phenomenon of a ‘Wormhole that catapults you through the universe, and beyond…

It's important that we say a big thank you to everybody who helped make the new website possible. We couldn't have done it without our brilliant agencies, MBA, Stephen Maher and his team. Now, let's enjoy the clubhouse we've built together.

Gemma Greaves Managing Director, The Marketing Society