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Getting more film-lovers
to choose ODEON.


MBA’s task is to get film-lovers to visit ODEON more often, by keeping them excited about making the trip to enjoy the big-screen experience with CRM.

Limitless engagement

MBA launched ODEON’s new membership scheme ‘Limitless’ - which allows film-lovers to watch as many films as they like – with a targeted mobile first CRM campaign.


Big images brought the blockbuster offering to life in emails that were themselves (almost) limitless – scrolling down seemingly endlessly to show all the films you could see with a Limitless membership.


Early indications are that occasional cinema-goers are visiting more often, bringing friends and family, and generating incremental attendance and revenue.

Which Avenger are you? - Online Game

MBA was briefed to make ODEON the cinema of choice to watch brand new must-see movie, The Avengers.


To bring the superheroes (the big pull of the film) to life, MBA created ‘Which Avenger are you?’ – an online game which concluded with a link to share your result on social once you’d found out if you were Iron Man, Hulk or Captain America, as well as book tickets for the film.


Click here to play.