Helping businesses feel the benefits of connected technology.


O2 is a digital telco that wants businesses to embrace technology, both to make them more effective and to serve their customers better. We’re helping to start conversations with small and medium-sized businesses about how O2 can facilitate greater success. A positive ROI is supported by massively increased engagement stats and ongoing conversations with high propensity businesses.

Sending a hologram to talk business

O2 Business identified 50 high-value customers they wanted to persuade to switch to O2. To open those conversations, we wanted to show these prospects that O2 are a network with innovative digital ideas, and hero their key USP – a personal Digital Advisor for every business customer.


A personalised holographic digital advisor was sent to each prospect. By recording 50 bespoke scripts, the hologram was able to speak to each about what O2 could do to specifically help their business.


The campaign achieved an 18% response rate in the first week, delivered an ROI of 13 and has already won 4 IPM awards including the Gold!


Seeing into the future with O2 Goggles.

Our personalised ‘Digital Dave’ campaign also extends into an O2 Goggles campaign - so that our digital advisor can get right ‘inside’ customers’ heads to tell them about all the great O2 tech solutions for their business -  to help extend the campaign ROI 

Using CRM to develop sales leads

Buying technology for small businesses isn’t a quick decision. We’ve developed an in depth CRM nurture programme for O2 that builds engagement with potential customers rather than constantly selling to them.


Our programme harnesses the power of 02’s unique Digital Advisor who takes on real customer tech questions and makes sure it is ‘Challenge Accepted’.


Mix some content with some complex engagement algorithms and connected data systems and you’ve got an efficient leads engine that works coherently with the sales teams.

Persuasive and informative content

A whole range of relevant and enticing web and social content is created to ensure the right triggers are delivered at the appropriate digital touchpoints.

Engaging entrepreneurs with the O2 Power Hour

Small businesses are often too busy focusing on what they do to stop and think about how technology could help. Power Hour offers insights from leading business gurus, to help people work out how they can do things like make time for strategic thinking, as well as offering other business tips. All with a technological slant, of course.

Megafan achieves mega cut-through

Sports fans - especially younger ones - expect to be connected during live events, but they can't get signal (let alone 4G) in most stadia.


O2 technology can change that, helping fans have a better match-day experience. We approached top-division football and rugby clubs to tell them about this technology, opening on-going conversations with 22 clubs.

How to get the most from Office 365

Office 365 is a big change from previous versions of Office, as it adds in many features that are of benefit to businesses - e.g. for flexible working. These can still be quite alien to some businesses, so we created specific case studies to show how it works.