Changing the way people buy beauty products.


FeelUnique.com is Europe’s largest online premium beauty retailer. Like many of our private-equity-backed clients, the objective is growth. Ultimately, we want to build a powerful, evocative brand. But first we need to tell people what FeelUnique does, and make its name recognisable and famous - synonymous with online beauty. Sales are up 20% year on year.


Establishing the brand, with feeling

Creating and establishing a distinctive look and tone of voice was an important first step, bringing coherence to the communications. This YouTube pre-roll film was used because of its ability to drive both brand recognition and website traffic in a relevant context.


The specific messaging changes over time, dependent on product focus and seasonal or monthly context - such as Christmas and January promotions.

Spreading the word and driving sales

Tube cards are updated monthly to maintain seasonal context, while third party inserts are placed in titles with large audience overlap. Inserts are subsequently optimised dependent on new customer and sales value response. Digital display naturally self-optimises.

MBA have been working closely with us to help define our marketing approach. They are able to react quickly in the fast paced world of digital retail and they understand ‘brand response’ - this has been key as we seek to build our customer base in the UK and abroad whilst also positioning Feel Unique clearly in the mind of the consumer.

Tom Newbald Marketing Director, FeelUnique.com