Revitalising the brand to be a dynamic, digitally-driven market leader.


Our job is to create leads in an effective and predictable manner - for the Everest sales force to follow up and convert. The centre of this activity is the website - a highly optimised lead - generation system filled with juicy content and organised with slick UX. We nurture the brand too, driving traffic to the website predominantly via TV.
Our second IPA Effectiveness Award for Everest shows that we're doing quite a good job, demonstrably increasing ROMI to £2.74. It now also features in the 7th edition of Marketing Communications written by Chris Fill and Sarah Turnbull,
and published by Pearson.


New GrabLock gives a gripping performance

Our latest film dropping for Everest is for the new exclusive GrabLock range – and we mean literally. Designed and developed with Yale, GrabLock is a revolution in window locking mechanisms. The film - part of our hugely successful Everest ‘torture test’ campaign - demonstrates how Everest’s strongest, most secure lock ever can suspend the weight of a grand piano (until a lapse in communication brings the whole thing crashing down).

New web platform increases conversion by over 43%

The vast majority of interest in Everest comes via their website, and the UX is designed to offer answers to visitor queries, always giving them somewhere to go. Our most recent developments have been to make the site responsive, catering to the increasing traffic from mobile devices and to maximise site speeds. Conversion is since up by over 43%, while organic traffic levels have been maintained and visibility continues to climb.


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The website is built on the excellent EPiServer CMS.


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We won an IMA Best in Class Award for the relaunched Everest website, which underlined the positive impact the website had on sales.

Raising a toast to new Price Rewind

With St Patrick’s Day almost upon us, MBA called on the help of Everest’s brand ambassador and TV presenter, Craig Doyle, to launch their new Price Drop rewind in a fun, engaging way. Take a quick look at our topical mega banner on Everest.co.uk - we’re sure you’ll agree it’ll go down well.

Revisiting hard hitting films

Most companies say their windows are strong, but how often do they actually prove it? You might remember Everest’s wrecking ball TV film with Ted Moult in the ‘80s. Well, our latest 2016 films revisit that torture test and proves how Everest windows are stronger now than ever before.


For full test footage click here

Making history part of their future

For over 50 years, Everest has been fitting the best. To celebrate their amazing heritage, we’ve created a forward thinking campaign by taking them back to their past. As well as taking their prices back to 1991, our new Price Rewind multi-channel promotion uses film, online content, social, print and radio to demonstrate how Everest windows stand the test of time.

Rewinding back to being their best

Part of Everest’s advertising heritage was their famous long copy press work, specifically those featuring Brain of Britain Ted Moult. Having taken the brand back to its traditional blue colour and ‘Fit the best’ mantra, it only seemed right we took their print ads back to their original best as part of the Price Rewind campaign too.

Better than “standard double glazing”

People assume that all windows are just the same lumps of plastic and glass. But Everest’s products are demonstrably superior on numerous dimensions such as heat retention and security. Our film provides the evidence for people to believe that Everest will be fitting the best.

Everest's products are more expensive because they're better

But many people don't realise what makes a good window a good window or a good door a good door. Our content series shows them the benefits of the Everest products.

Giving people a nudge with targeted PR

We’re using PR to get into places where we can nudge people into market and particularly to choose Everest – complementary to other channels we talk about what makes the Everest products superior. We secure targeted coverage across many aspects of the business, including corporate profile raising and consumer lifestyle PR.

At Everest, we're rewriting the rule book for our sector and the pace of change is phenomenal. MBA "get it". They're a talented bunch, challenging yet supportive, highly creative yet entirely commercial and in my experience that's a rare combination.