Taking on the established players.
And winning.


Embraer Executive Jets is a relative newcomer to a market dominated by US stalwarts like Cessna and Gulfstream. Embraer is famed for its engineering excellence and it has been able to apply "clean sheet" design to many of its jets, free from preconceptions or outdated technology. Our task has been to position Embraer as the technologically advanced challenger around the globe, bringing in some of the raw emotional power of the product. Embraer has the fastest growing market share in the sector and the Phenom 100 is the world's best-selling executive jet.

Clearing the new Legacy 500 for take off

The launch of the Legacy 500 centred around a mini-epic film featuring the brand ambassador, Jackie Chan, as a mysterious CEO trying to get his hands on the latest technology. Jackie was chosen not least because of his appeal in his native China.

Landing the message across media

To drive potential customers to find out more about the Legacy 500, we extended the launch campaign into a range of targeted media spaces. Our press executions used a special media buy to gain cut through, with the Legacy jet quite literally appearing to cut through the page.

Visualising a jet’s flight range, with Puffersphere

A jet's range is key to the decision-making process. Embraer's clients need to know if a particular model can fly them to their destination without refuelling. However, because of climate patterns, such as the jetstream, this isn't always obvious. To answer this query in an engaging way, we helped create the Puffersphere: a touch-sensitive spherical display that brings "range" to life for  potential clients at trade shows.

Among the best contributions I believe I have made for Embraer, is the selection process of MBA as a partner for our Executive Jets division. MBA never let us down and I hope sincerely that this relationship will last for the long term.

Daniela Marques Head of Communications and Agency Liaison, Embraer Executive Jets