Stimulating a wider appetite for a niche food product with delicious content.


Comté is a prestigious cheese, lovingly crafted for centuries in the Jura region of Eastern France, using traditional methods. With cheddar the hero of the UK cheese market, our work is focused on casting Comté as the continental cheese of choice for ‘foodies’.

And it’s working. Imports to the UK have risen by 40% over the last 4 years and the UK is now Comté’s fastest growing export market.

Delicious Comté content

Comté melts beautifully, so it’s perfect for cooking. All the major foodies are online in some capacity, so creating engaging video content to provide inspiration on how to cook with Comté is a key element of our activity.


We have enlisted foodies of the moment such as Tess Ward and Rosie Birkett to create some recipe videos, which generated a considerable craving for Comté – attracting comment from national online newspapers and consumer websites. The recipe content now lives on the brand’s website.

Finger food for the Social Media Generation

The internet has created a vast forum of food inspiration – from dishes and recipes, to ingredients and table settings. Our mission is to make sure Comté is firm friends with the influential members of this community.


We’re building a strong social media platform through inspirational visual content that builds the story of Comté. The rise of the brand’s online following and regular engagements speaks for itself. The reach of our social posts has increased by 900% year-on-year.

Responsive website build

The website is an important destination for foodies to soak up information on where to buy the artisan cheese and find inspiration on how to cook with Comté. With 36% of Comté visitors to the website coming via tablets and smartphones, our recent development has been to make the site responsive. Since we’ve done this, we’ve seen increased dwell time.


View the Comté website.

Cooking up media hunger for Comté

Strategic PR has generated a strong appetite for the cheese and interest in its provenance, with extensive coverage in both print, online and televison media.


We engage with devout foodies, who seek out high quality products, both to savour as connoisseurs and to cook with. It also helps that Raymond Blanc is a massive Comté fan. Generated coverage reach has grown 35 per cent year-on-year.

We have been working with MBA for 10 years now. During this time, they have always listened to our needs, understood our culture and applied their creativity to strengthen Comté’s profile in the UK and increase sales. Furthermore, MBA has helped us to build lasting relationships with British foodies and distributors. They provide us with a clear understanding of the market and offer tailored solutions based on their in-depth knowledge of the industry and different digital marketing channels and tools.

Aurélia Chimier Marketing Manager