LOVEFiLM hero picture

The Task

Help this Amazon-owned TV and film business continue its growth trajectory as it transitions from a DVD-rental business to a streaming service with a simultaneous dramatic increase in serious competition with the likes of Netflix entering the market.

Action Idea

Making brilliant entertainment brilliantly simple.


Considerably above acquisition target.

LOVEFiLM now streams more titles that it distributes DVDs.

Marketing Society e-Commerce Award for Excellence

What our Clients say

"Enthusiasm and passion radiates from every member of the MBA team who openly share our pain and glory. The calibre of people is the strongest I’ve seen and their commercial acumen is refreshing. They are an exceptional team and have added value after 1 year by helping LOVEFiLM launch various new initiatives to significantly increase growth"

Eva ThomsonCommercial Planning Manager, LOVEFiLM