The MBA team consists of some truly great people

From our strategists, developers, data scientists, social / PR execs and account managers, to our project managers, designers, creatives, UX and search experts - we are made up of some of the brightest and best lateral thinkers around (though we say so ourself).

Our Team

Stephen Maher

CEO Read More

James Middlehurst

Managing Partner Read More
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Graham Kerr

Chairman/Executive Creative Director Read More

Paul Munce

Managing Partner Read More

Alex Cowell

CTO Read More

Jack Gallon

Creative Director Read More

James Devon

Planning Director Read More

Paul Zetlin

Finance Director Read More

Husni Azeez

Digital Developer and Designer
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Debbie Leighton

Senior Copywriter
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Pete Davies

Senior Back-end Developer
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Caitlin Evans

Senior Account Planner

Joss Dickinson

Senior Graphic Designer

Vicky Kioutsouki

Production Manager
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Danny Kerr

IT Manager

David Quinlan

Head of Development
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Head of Security

Enrico Ricciardi

Finance Assistant

Simon Wragg

Mid-weight Designer

Mark Wilson

Art Director

Megan Hallinan

Head of PR & Social
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Lizzie Haynes

Account Manager
Thibault Girard

Thibault Girard

Account Manager
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Lucy Howard

Lucy Howard

Account Manager
Sabrina Gill

Sabrina Gill

Senior Account Executive
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Covent Garden Market

Elizabeth Gooden

Elizabeth Gooden

Senior Account Director
Shanur Islam

Shanur Islam

Project Manager
Kasira Iqbal

Kasira Iqbal

Digital Project Manager