The last 14 days in digital: 4 – 17 January

With it being a new year, and that means it’s time to do out with the old and in with the new, we’re introducing fortnightly digital news updates, headlining the digital news that’s grabbed our attention over the last 14 days.


Here’s what’s grabbed our attention since the start of 2014…


 Merry Kissmas & Happy New Year!

Firstly we want to thank everyone who made our Fishing for Kisses Christmas campaign such a success. We received some great photo entries, all in the name of charity, with kisses being submitted as far as Sydney! Also, Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great 2013 and have made it through this first half of January with your New Year’s Resolutions still safely intact!

CES 2014

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) closed its doors in Vegas on Friday for yet another year. This is what caught our eye this year:

  • LG’s curved screen products, including the G Flex smartphone and ultra HD TV
  • Sony’s bluetooth tennis racket that records a player’s speed, swing and spin rate to a smartphone
  • Hands-free gaming devices that use gesture, voice and eye recognition software
  • Bosch’s Automatic Driver Assistant that allows users to remotely park their cars via their smartphones

Google Chrome 32 is released

Google unveiled their newest browser on Tuesday. New desktop features include automatic malware blocking, Supervised Users management, stability improvements, revised ‘Metro’ mode for Windows 8 users and a handy tab indicator that identifies which of your browser’s tabs is playing audio, has a webcam active or is being cast to your TV.

Twitter gets a face-lift

Monday saw Twitter announce that it will be giving itself a makeover this week. A randomly selected 1% of Twitter users have already been introduced to the new design, but for those of us who haven’t been so lucky, keep your eyes peeled because the redesign is expected to be launching within the next week. Expect to see your profile box appear on the left of the homepage while the news feed remains on the right, colour changes to the header navigation and redesigned icons for the’ direct message’, ‘compose a tweet’ and ‘me’ buttons.

New year, new job

The past few weeks have seen quite a few resignations across the digital world, including Yahoo!’s second most Senior Executive, Henrique de Castro, head of Tech City UK, Joanna Shields, Microsoft’s Media Executive, Blair Westlake, and Wikipedia’s Programme Evaluation Co-ordiantor, Sarah Stierch.

Google buys Nest for $3.2 bn

The internet-connected home products market is predicted to be worth around a staggering $19 trillion by 2020. Nest, a smart-home manufacturer in California whose products include a smart thermostat that learns the habits of its user and reacts in accordance to its user’s daily routine, have been bought by Google for $3.2 bn.

Facebook to launch news app & trending feature

After having been in the news earlier in the month for being accused of accessing the private messages of its users for promotion and marketing purposes, Facebook have struck back! It is rumoured that Facebook are developing a news app called ‘Paper’, which could hit our app stores by the end of January, as well as introducing a trending feature to our news feeds. First the introduction of hashtags, now a trending feature, it seems that some of Twitter has rubbed off on Facebook in the past few months…

In other news…

  • International researchers from New York State send the first underwater tweet
  • Apple are to refund $32.5m to parents whose children made non-consensual app purchases
  • Will.I.Am partners with 3D Systems to see how 3D printing could be incorporated into his live shows
  • David Cameron pushes the government ‘porn filter’ bill into action after a year of lobbying
  • Google’s new integration feature that connect Gmail to Google+ proves unpopular with users
  • Snapchat gets hacked, with 4.6 m usernames and mobile numbers being revealed
  • Vodafone and EE sign a 10 year contract to provide 3G (followed by 4G in 2015) on Eurostar services
  • Kanye West is set to sue creators of  ’Coinye West’, a Bitcoin-like digital currency inspired by the rapper
  • Free Spotify users are no longer limited to 10 hours of listening a month after Spotify removes its time restriction policy

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Creative industries generate over £8 million per hour

January 16th, 2014. Posted by Nicola Keene

On Tuesday, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport released its 2014 Creative Industries Economic Estimates report, which revealed that the UK’s creative industries are now worth a staggering £71.4 billion per year to the UK economy.

Creative industries, which include anything from advertising and marketing to performing and visual arts, are seen to currently account for around 1 out of every 12 jobs in the UK and, by outperforming all other sectors in the UK industry, this figure is only set to increase.

Read the full report by here.

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