Emma Harris Inspires MBA

This Monday morning we were graced with the presence of Emma Harris, successful marketer and skilled trainer, who spoke to us about her experiences of being a client in the marketing industry. This was a fantastic session through which the whole account team learned lots about the importance of understanding the client’s business and the partnership that agencies and clients should be maintaining to produce great, effective work.

Emma enthused us all (a hard feat on a Monday morning!) and introduced us to some really cool things to be aware of such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), as well as helping us to think, prepare and perform like elite athletes in our day to day work.

The session definitely geared us up for the week ahead. Thanks Emma!

Charlotte Ward

Creative Intern Charlotte shares her experience at MBA

So my two weeks at MBA are now at an end, and it’s been pretty darn eventful. Gaining experience in a creative team has been a huge help in working out what I want to do with my future, and has taught me SO much in so little time. As a complete digital marketing stranger, and a person used to getting mucky with paint in an old studio, this experience has definitely opened my eyes to other opportunities and made me eager to start working.

A few highlights have to be finally learning how to use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, one of my Neilson ideas being selected (boom), and discovering the beauty that is the temperature- changing Sage kettle (green tea will never be the same again). Ah, and the coffee machine saved me from afternoon dips at 3pm. Not used to this 9-6 life. I’ve had a blast, and will make sure I carry on with what I’ve learnt here and see where the wind takes me later this year…

I say goodbye with a bunged up throat and puffy eyes after catching the cold that has been spreading through the office. Andy, probs all your sneezing to blame.

Massive thanks for the opportunity, and to everyone who has given me advice, help and inspiration. It’s been a good’en.



Here’s some of the work she produced while here:


Coffee machine (favourite)

Mixing up a solution


So MBA were the winners of the coveted prize ‘Give Charles and Jake their first creative placement’. It was a hard battle to fight and go on to win, but their charm, charisma and the fact that they were full of “really nice chaps” – (Charles, Jan 11th) sealed the deal for them.

Nobody told us that the first advert we’d get made would be a cheese related pun (Germain Gruyere didn’t make the cut unfortunately) but they wouldn’t of changed it for the world. Researching ideas for the social media account of a Gruyere cheese account is actually very insightful, we learnt some things that we’d never of known in our entire life a month ago…

Jake learnt not to say that you know how to use InDesign and say yes to a job before you actually know the size of the task you’re being presented with, cut to 6 hours later, a head ache, sore neck and the start of RSI he had finished the Sage Appliances by Heston Blumemmentaal 2000 page Coverage book.

Charles learnt that Fridays in advertising agencies as a creative are very fun. He learnt that the creative lot are in fact very generous (they gave us 20 quid to get pints before we’d even sat down) They then plied Charles with alcohol and expected him to go back to work.

It was another first for Charles as he enjoyed his first ever burrito from Benitos Hat. He was heard saying to himself “Well, I just don’t know where to start with this…” again another gift from MBA, the agency that keeps on giving…

All in all, it’s been a great experience “short and sweet” – and that’s just Jake…

We both enjoyed juicing every day, listening to Take me out anecdotes, talking about cheese puns, finding out where ODEON’s name comes from and being in a cool little agency that’s very welcoming and inclusive. We will see you sooner rather than later!

See you on the other side.

Charles and Jake



Post pop: East Meets West at the Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi gallery’s latest exhibition explores the legacy of Pop Art over world regions that have had very different and sometimes opposing ideologies, from China to Russia to the UK. Pop Art is based on exploiting identifiable imagery from mass media and everyday life to reflect the nature of the world we live in, and is a style that has flourished throughout the world in different guises.

One of the most interesting themes of the exhibition is Advertising and Consumerism. This room displays the interesting relationship of Russian and Chinese artists with Western advertising. For people whose lives were formed under Communist regimes, Western advertising presented an interesting parallel with the political propaganda they were accustomed too. This is shown no more clearly than in the work of Wang Guangyi, who combines communist propaganda with Western logos and slogans. (see below) Another cool piece was Feng Mengbo’s communist take on Mario Kart, in an 80s arcade games machine, in which a digitized Red Army soldier throws Coca-Cola cans at his enemies. This room also reminded me of relationship between pop art and the advertising industry, particularly the development of the first memorable print ads.

Other highlights of the exhibition included the kitsch-and-proud colours and images of Jeff Koons, and Gu Wanda’s seriously stunning installation of world flags created by gluing together human hair. Overall, Post pop: East Meets West presents a fascinating view in to the way in which pop art has been translated throughout different cultural dialects, and is worth visiting for anyone interested in an art movement which has had a huge influence over the industry.

Caroline Hailstone


lenin photo (5)1 photo1 wang

There’s a Good Girl exhibition celebrates advertising’s most audacious women

Check any shop, and guarantee you’ll find a woman. That’s right; women buy things! To continue labouring the obvious, this means most adverts are designed to appeal to male and female consumers alike. So why, in agencies working for clients hoping to engage both sexes, do females remain under-represented in creative departments?

This question was recently explored by VivaWomen! a Publicis Groupe project which celebrates women in advertising, in a collection created under Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Director Jo Wallace called “There’s a Good Girl”. This features the personal artwork of top female creatives and artists, and consists of exploding domestic items, glowing juicy red lips and Kanye helping Kim into a pair of spanks. As warned in the exhibition description, these women clearly “refuse to be good girls”.

Although small (literally a couple of small rooms), it is worth going to have a look at the popping colours, flying hoovers and flashing lights of some women who have created iconic commercial work as well as innovative fine art. The exhibition has now been extended until the 9th January. http://theassemblyrooms.tv/gallery/

Caroline Hailstone


hoover kimye1