Pitcher – Tinder for the advertising world





Developed by Woedend!, an Amsterdam based advertising agency, Pitcher provides you with the opportunity to access dozens of agencies at the swipe of a thumb. If you are faced with rounds of agency meetings, countless lunches and handshakes then this is the app for you. Once you have set up your pitch, you are able to rate or slate your way through a list of the finest agencies until you find the one that suits you. Each agency presents itself with some of their latest work, if you like what you see then swipe right, but if you feel that they are not the one for you, swipe left.

The app lets you create a list of your top five agencies, which gives you direct access to their contact details; including contact numbers and email addresses. Described as the ‘Tinder’ of the marketing world, this app is sure to make those meetings far more entertaining. Pitcher has currently been launched in Amsterdam, but we are eagerly awaiting its launch in the UK!

Written by our intern Amelia Brooks


Drawing in the literary crowds


Has anyone come across Unbound? It’s a budding author’s dream. The crowdfunding platform match-makes new authors with investors to have their work published. This is a great example of converting digital into flesh and bones, or should I say paper. And for readers it’s encouraging them to become patrons of the arts. A symbiotic masterpiece. Dare I say it, but it could be the publishing paradigm of the future.

Maths = A Beautiful Career

MBA was recently involved in a Good Housekeeping campaign aimed at convincing more girls to study maths at A Level. Along with MBA, two other agencies created different print ads, and Good Housekeeping have requested their readers to decide which one they think is the most persuasive on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/goodhousekeepinguk
Our entry was created by executive creative director Graham Kerr. He wanted to put make maths more glamorous, and came up with the campaign line “Maths = A Beautiful Career”.
Have a look at our entry here, and don’t forget to comment on the Good Housekeeping Facebook!goodhousekeeping1


MBA CEO, Stephen Maher, is included in the inaugural Drum Magazine’s Adverati – a celebration the 100 most influential people in the UK advertising industry.  It’s a testament to all he does in the UK and abroad to promote the creative industries.

You can see the full list and have your say, here: http://tinyurl.com/kp9242c

The power of IFTTT

If-This-Than-That-AppRecently I looked at IFTTT to see how we could use it for our clients and our own internal communications. What I found was an easy to use, free service that can really add bite to your social channels. After signing up, you soon get the hand of creating ‘recipes’ using ‘channels’ such as Facebook and Twitter. For instance, a popular recipe is sending a thank you message to new likes on your Facebook page. IFTTT can also help connect us to the internet of things by linking to devices, using geo-location and linking to SMS text messaging and more.

To demonstrate this technology I have set up a new recipe that automatically sends a message to Slack when someone posts. Hopefully this will mean automatically increasing the visibility of our blog internally (without increasing our inbox size).

To test this the first person from the MBA team to send me a message on Slack saying ‘IFTTT is great’ wins a prize…